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Q:  What equipment do I need to play?

A: Every player should have their own soccer ball. Size #3 for the Junior Division, size #4 for everyone else.
For those players in the Junior Division all that is needed is shinguards. SYSL provides a complete uniform: shirt, shorts, socks for the Fall & Spring Seasons. Most kids at this age wear sneakers but you can purchase soccer cleats if you would like.
For players in all other divisions shinguards as well as soccer cleats are needed. The League still provides uniforms for the Fall & Spring Seasons as part of the registration fee for no extra cost.

Q:  What is the difference between travel and house leagues?

A:  House league players in the All City Divisions play in a recreation atmosphere. The divisions are split along birth year lines. For the youngest players, those in the Junior Division, each division represents one birth year. Mixed Division 1 & Girls Division 1 are made up of two birth years. Mixed Divisions 2 & 3 and Girls Divisions 2 & 3 are usually made up of 3 birth years.
House League players are guaranteed playing time equivalent to about half of every game.

Travel teams are select all-star teams in one-year age groups. A player must try out and be selected for one of these teams. We have travel teams of both boys and girls starting at under 9 (years old). There is no guaranteed playing time and the competition with other towns can be very strong.

Most house league games are played in Stamford. Half of Travel team games are played in other towns in Fairfield County.

Q:  Can I play on the same team as my friend?

A:  Only in the Junior Division does the league pay any attention to requests to play with friends. Generally, if the registration is received by the deadline we can accommodate such requests within the Junior Division, subject to the availability of openings and coaches. In all older divisions such requests are simply ignored.
We will place players together if parents will be coaching or sponsoring together or if siblings are involved.

Q:  How do I get on a travel team?

A: You may request to tryout for a travel team by checking off the appropriate box on your registration form. Tryouts are conducted throughout the year although official tryouts are generally held prior to the spring and fall seasons. When you check off the box your name will be forwarded to the appropriate coach who will contact you.

Q:  How can I become a better coach or player?

A:  By watching and observing other coaches. You can learn what works and doesn’t work with kids in your age group. When you see a drill or game that makes the kids happy and involves the ball try it. SYSL also has an extensive video library, almost 100 tapes. You can call the office number 322-5455 and set up an appointment to review them.

SYSL also offers coaching clinics each year. Sign up and attend.

Players should just play as much as possible. The game is the best teacher. Try to play with better or older players. This accelerates your development.

Attend the Skills Development Clinics offered twice yearly by SYSL. For a reasonable registration fee, which covers the trainers cost, SYSL hires professional soccer trainers for weekly sessions that parallel the season.

Join summer camps. Several professional camp outfits offer weekly camps in Stamford during the summer.

Watch soccer on TV or go to a local game: high school, travel or adult. Attend a national team game. These are very exciting opportunities to support our national teams, both men and women, when they play opponents from around the globe. Much of your sense and understanding of the game will come from watching it played by people who are at a high level of performance.

Q:  How do I become a referee?

A:  Referees are state certified after taking a course and passing a test. The new referee classes are offered once a year around February. Sign up by leaving your name and phone number and your intention to become a referee on the office number 203-322-5455. When the new class is being organized you will be called.

Q:  How do I register to play?

A: Online registration is the best way to register your player/s. Both for House and Travel players. It saves SYSL time and also money by doing so. Payment online is with a credit card only.
Registration forms are distributed through the school system in June for the fall season. Also a mailing is done to anyone who registered in the previous Fall season. At any time you may get a form in the league mailbox marked "registrations" at the league address. Or you may
download a form for the upcoming season from the website. If we receive the form by the deadline shown on it you are guaranteed a place on last season’s team provided you have not moved up to a new division. Or you may call the league office and ask for one to be mailed to you.

Q:  How do I sponsor a team?

A:  Indicate on your child’s registration form that you wish to sponsor or call the league office. Sponsorship fees are very low, generally $300.00 a season because we wish to encourage small, local businesses. If you respond in a timely manner you can usually sponsor your child’s team.

Q:  Pictures?

A:  Team pictures are free with registration for the fall season. You may also purchase one of the nice packages offered for individuals in both the spring and fall.   

Q:  How do I become a coach?

A Volunteer as you register online or on your child’s registration form. We are always in need of more help.

Q:  When are the various seasons of play?
A:  We have three seasons of play: spring (April-June), fall (September-November) and indoor (January-March).
Travel players may not participate in the House League with the exception of the indoor season.